Safer for you, safer for the planet

Access to natural sources of clean and healthy water is denied to more and more people around the globe – at an alarmingly increasing rate. 

The go-to, everyday water source for hundreds of millions of humans has become single-use plastic bottles – a solution with no sustainability whatsoever. It takes 500 years for a bottle to disintegrate, and 60 million bottles are thrown away daily. It’s an equation with only negatives.

Vitaloop is a fully functional, viable solution to the single-use plastic bottle disaster. Absolutely with no hassle – about half a liter of water in less than a minute, with a simple push of a button. Rechargeable. Refillable. You can bring it anywhere ­– and filter every water-source into fresh great-tasting tasting water. All the bad stuff, gone. All the good minerals, still there.