Ensuring safety and performance

Discover the cautious testing behind Vitaloop's commitment to excellence. Our rigorous lab tests ensure Watersafe standards, guaranteeing the highest quality water filtration for your well-being and peace of mind.

Vitaloop 10022023, Biological Consulting Services Inc., Fl, USA

Bacteria and Cyst (as microspheres) Filtration Efficacy Testing

Bacteria Filtration Efficacy

- At 40% capacity (40 liters), the filters demonstrated a remarkable reduction in bacterial concentration to less than 0.3 cfu/mL, indicating an exceptional over 99.99991% reduction efficiency.

- At 100% capacity (100 liters), the performance remained consistently high, achieving a reduction efficiency of more than 99.99992%, maintaining bacterial concentrations below 0.3 cfu/mL​​​​.

Cyst Filtration Efficacy

- At 40% capacity, the filters reduced cyst concentrations to less than 0.67 microspheres/mL, corresponding to an impressive over 99.997% reduction efficiency.

- At 100% capacity, the efficacy remained consistent, with a reduction efficiency above 99.997%, keeping cyst concentrations below 0.67 microspheres/mL​​​​.

These results showcase the high effectiveness of Vitaloop filters in significantly reducing both bacterial and cyst contaminants in water. The performance at various capacities, from 40% to 100%, underscores the reliability and consistency of these filters in purifying water to safe levels.

SGS Certified

Vitaloop's SGS certification affirms our commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards for our water filtration bottles, recognized by the global leader in certification services.

Being SGS certified signifies that Vitaloop meets stringent standards for quality, safety, and performance. SGS has carefully examined our water filtration technology, materials, and manufacturing processes to ensure they align with industry benchmarks and regulations. This certification reflects our unwavering commitment to providing you with a reliable and high-quality hydration solution.

With Vitaloop's SGS certification, you can trust that our water filtration bottle has been thoroughly evaluated by experts, assuring you of its efficacy, safety, and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Quality Assurance

The SGS certification assures consumers that Vitaloop's water filtration bottle meets stringent quality standards, guaranteeing a reliable and effective product.

Regulatory Alignment

SGS certification signifies Vitaloop's rigorous adherence to regulatory frameworks, validating the water filtration bottle's alignment with intricate industry standards and specifications.

Performance Assurance

With SGS certification, consumers can trust that Vitaloop's water bottle not only meets but exceeds performance expectations, having undergone rigorous assessments to ensure unparalleled filtration effectiveness.

Innovation Validation

SGS certification for Vitaloop's water filtration bottle serves as validation for the product's innovative design, substantiating its technological advancements and positioning it as a cutting-edge solution in the market.

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