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Drink clean water today, preserve the future.

Safer for you, safer for the planet

Access to natural sources of clean and healthy water is denied to more and more people around the globe – at an alarmingly increasing rate.

The go-to, everyday water source for hundreds of millions of humans has become single-use plastic bottles – a solution with no sustainability whatsoever. It takes 500 years for a bottle to disintegrate, and 60 million bottles are thrown away daily. It’s an equation with only negatives.

Vitaloop is a fully functional, viable solution to the single-use plastic bottle disaster. Absolutely with no hassle – about half a liter of water in less than a minute, with a simple push of a button. Rechargeable. Refillable. You can bring it anywhere ­– and filter every water-source into fresh great-tasting tasting water. All the bad stuff, gone. All the good minerals, still there.

Note from the Founder

"I'm the founder of Vitaloop, and I'd love to share my journey with you and what made me create this automatic water filtration bottle.

Vitaloop's essence is simple: transform any water into drinkable, safe, and delicious water with just a touch-of-a-button, anytime, anywhere.

But interestingly, Vitaloop began in the world of coffee. As I have spent years perfecting coffee machines, I realized that no matter how great your beans or equipment are, the coffee remains poor if the water's off. It got me thinking — if water can make such a difference in coffee, what about in our daily lives?

That's how Vitaloop was born. It's a simple idea: a bottle that turns any water into drinkable, safe, and tasty water. No fuss, no complicated setup. Just pure, clean water, wherever you are.

But it's more than just a product to me. It's personal. I've always been lucky to have clean water, but I've seen places where it's a luxury. With Vitaloop, I wanted to create something that serves our daily needs and reminds us of the value of clean water.

Using Vitaloop is as straightforward as it gets. Fill it up, press the button, and you're good to go. Whether you're out hiking, at the gym, or just at your desk, it's designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

I'm genuinely excited about what we've created and believe in its potential to make a difference. We've got a fantastic team, the product's been rigorously tested and certified, and we're all set for success!

But this is just the beginning. By supporting Vitaloop, you're supporting a larger cause. You're backing future innovations that aim to bring clean water to those in need. Water is a universal right, and with your help, we aim to make it accessible to all.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. How would Vitaloop benefit you? Have you experienced bad water where you live? I would love to hear your stories and get your feedback."

Arild Vikingstad